Unable to Link Mi Home to Google Home app

Anyone else recently having problems with there Google Home and Yeelights. I have had them sync and working fine for over 18 months or so but now it will not Sync with my Yee Light account or Mi Home.

it originally stopped working to Google home commands and then when I un-linked it will not link back. I select Yee Light or Mi Home and it says linking account but then just goes back to the Google Home Setup page.

I am using the using the recommended European server my MI ID is 1778634346

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I exactly have the ame problem in the linking process it just wont finish: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slOh5ZGdVFI&feature=youtu.be

And i am not getting response on my questions…

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Hey Gentlemen, have you eventually resolved this pls? I have the same issue…

The same here…