Sunrise Scene didn't work as expected

How it work for me currently:
in the yeelight app I have setup a schedule (everday, 5:45am with scene “sunrise”)
Before I go to sleep I have to switch to moonlight mode on the second lowest brightness and switch it off.

If I don’t set it so a low brightness it start at the last know brightness which can cause to wake me instantly because its to bright.

Behaviour what I expect:
I want to set a fixed start brightness and end brightness, so it doesn’t matter what I used before switching it off.

It would be also great if it will brighten up from moonlight over to light sunlight with 3000K to 4000K and finally to a really bright 5000K

You can create a Customization scene, and set a Schedule with it. From customization, you can make any brightness you want from startup.

I am afraid not, there’s no option to do that. Cause brightness from Moonlight to Sunlight is not continuous, there will be a brightness skip to higher to make us uncomfortable.

I have the same problem. Have To turn off lamp on moonlight to have sunrise start from low brightnes.

Please add Red amiblight to sunrise. So i tak be more like the one from bulbs.

I guess not many people care about that skip in brightness from moon to sun.

It’s not possible. You cannot select moonlight light in customization. There is only normal, sunlight brightness