Xiaomi Yeelight Smart LED Bulb (color)- setup problem server

Hi There, I am from Newzealand, recently bought Xiaomi Yeelight Smart LED Bulb(color) to use it with my Amazon Alexa. Initially I selected the server location as Singapore(it was recommended by the MI app in my iphone),then the adding process was getting stuck around 35%. Later I changed the location to mainland server,then the setup completed successfully and I was able to control the light through MI app.When I tried to connect it to Alexa, I couldn’t locate the bulb,even after adding the skills. Amazon site says the server need to be Singapore in order to connect to Alexa. The bulb package clearly says that it is Alexa compatible.Once again I tried with Singapore option.Again app got stuck at the same position while adding the bulb. Is there any other ways to try?

Which skill do you use from Alexa?

If you use Yeelight skill, all servers except china server support Alexa. If you have problem with connection to Singapore server, you can try connect to Germany or US server.

Also, you can try with Yeelight application.

Thanks for the update. Yeelight(singapore Server) is working with Alexa. But Yeelight app doen’t have color selecting feature.