Xiaomi Gateway & Yeelight - Can only control group of bulbs, not individual bulbs [SOLVED]

When I assign Yeelight bulbs to a group in Mi Home, the Aqara motion sensors, buttons and cube all work perfectly. However, when I try and assign an action against just a single bulb, it doesn’t do anything when the scene runs and the log shows:

Failed to run
Abnormal error

I have both the Yeelight and Mi Home app installed. It seems that if the bulb is set up in one app, the other one automatically shows it in the list.

Any recommendations?

UPDATE: I have found the reason why this wasn’t working - “Client Isolation” on WiFi

For privacy, I run a separate WiFi for my smart home devices. On this WiFi, I enabled “Client Isolation” to add an additional layer of privacy (so devices can’t communicate/spy on other devices on the same network). The confusing part was the fact that it was possible to control a group of Yeelights via the Xiaomi Mi Home app, but not individual lights. I believe the reason for this is that individual lights are managed on the LAN via the Xiaomi Gateway but groups are actually controlled over the WAN. By disabling “Client Isolation”, both individual bulbs and groups of bulbs now work.