Short life-time

My lightbulbs seem to break down one by one. I had four, and had to replace all four of them now. They will not last a year, which is in high contrast to the claimed 11 years! The app indicated only about 500 hours of service…Anyone else have this experience with the Color Led Bulbs? Is there some factory warranty on these?

Did you install these bulbs on lights that have a dimmer?

This seems to be a issue with your house’s electric wiring or something, because the chance of four bulbs breaking down one after the other is very low. All Yeelight products use LED lights; LEDs can last up to 15+ years at 6hrs of usage everyday.


This does sound odd. I’ve got 35 bulbs and lightstrips around my house and while I have some issues with the functionality, which I’m fairly vocal about at the moment, I’ve had zero problem with any of the devices not lasting, in fact several of my bulbs are outside in appropriate waterproof fittings and I’ve always considered those bulbs somewhat sacrificial as I understand that the elements can be quite tough outside but they have lasted as long as any other bulb (18 months so far)

I would agree that you should consider if there’s anything about your electrical source (voltage, dimmer, etc) that might be involved here.

There was a dimmer involved, I replaced it this weekend and the last bulb died on me on Tuesday. Not sure if there is permanent damage done to the bulb if it has been hooked up on a dimmer for a while.

Yep, dimmer’s are not the way to go with ANY smart light out there. It must have control over how much power it needs, instead of a dimmer trying to do that for the bulb.

I’m guessing the bulb is permanently damaged now. Only way to check, is to install in a different lamp.

I just had my Yee LED Turnable White just died on me after a month or more of service. I am also hoping to send my faulty unit so that they could determined what happened and send me a replacement.

I have no dimmer in my setup but prior to dying the bulb flickered no stop and then just shorted out.

Can anyone help give me some directions on how to contact Yee?