GU10 and E14 Bulbs - When?

Can we get some indication of when GU10 and E14 bulbs will be released? It’s very frustrating having heavily invested in the yeelight/xiaomi ecosystem but not being able to replace more than half the lights in my home. Not producing bayonet versions is equally annoying. GU10 bulbs are especially common and not having any released by now is pretty disappointing to be frank. All of the major players in this space have released versions by now (lifx, hue, ikea, sengled, wiz etc) as have even cheapo alibaba brands (milight, claite, newstyle etc). What is taking yeelight so long to get versions of these extremely common bulbs to market? If a wifi module is too hard to fit in a GU10 or E14, then can we at least just get a zigbee version or a whole 100mm colour downlight? It’s almost at the point now of pulling all the existing yeelight/xiaomi products out, selling them and swapping brands. Does yeelight have any intention of releasing these sizes or is it not even on their radar?

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It’s incredibly rude to bump your own topic! You are no more important than everyone else, and it appears to me there are a few issues on the main bulbs before anything else is released.

Wait your turn.

Hi, Have you tried using light bulb adapters instead? Yeelight is working on E14 bulbs, no release date yet.

Yeah at least an E14 version would be golden.
GU10 is not that important to me right now, but would be a great possibility in the future.

The problem with using converters are that most E14 capable lamps are smaller, so a bulb being 16 cm in hight with the adapter is not a possible solution in most cases.

I need to know this too. I have read they were developing this last year. Any Developer can tell us if they are done soon?

E14 will be released very soon, and it based on bluetooth Mesh.

You say it will be based on Bluetooth Mesh? How does that work?
Will it be compatible with Google Home and all the other bulbs?

I understand the smaller bulbs need an engineering rethink but if it is a technology that needs an additional hub or broker, I’m out.

Hi. Wil it be in Q1? Or somewhere later the year?

E14 BLE bulbs have already been released but only in a very small scale, and… they’re still very limited on features – only support on or off per a single rule, yes, even not on/off but on or off! Hpoing they will complete the development, at least for users to set rule to control on/off, colortemperature and brightness…