Yeelight v2 colors problem.

Hello guys until 2 days ago i had the V1 and i was happy with it.But i wanted a bit more brightness so i got v2.Im in mainland china sever (tried German servers too) and on firm 1.4.2_0035.The problem i have is with Red and Blue color.On V1 Red and blue were deep,in the newer version Red is orange and Blu is purple.Is this something that can be fixed with a firmware?Red and Blue were my favorite colors and i really miss that from V1.If its a hardware thing i will most likely buy V1 again.If not i can wait for a fix.

What about other users?Do you guys have the same problem as i do?I need to know as soon as possible to be able to exchange the lamp in case i got a faulty one…

Blue is exactly blue for me. I can understand what you mean with the red being orange, but it still is red.

Are you on the latest firmware?and what firmware is it?The problem is that especially red is a huge downgrade from v1 that was pure deep red…Blue is a bit more tolerable but red is awful…i will definitely get the older one again if it cannot be fixed.This is why i need a confirmation cause i dont have much to me to do the exchange.

My bulbs are both the latest firmware (German). I have no clue how to check for the exact version.

If you try to do a firmware update from the app you will see the firmware.Saying current version etc.

That is incorrect. My screen displays only: All are the latest version.

Are you using the yeelight app?

Yes. But on iOS it does not show the firmware version.

Its ok thanks for helping out.I wanted to see if you are on the latest one and reds are still bad…then i would exchange it cause i dont think they can be improved further.

Have faith in the developers. They’ve posted that they will fix the color issue some people are having via a firmware update. Just hold on.

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We will take a look at the issue.

Thank you,Is it something that can be fixed?Im not sure if im on the latest firmware,but i have tried every server and still i have no firmware update.The worse is Red its too orange…

Received 2 v2 lamps. One have perfect colors. The other is defective. Blue is pink. Red is pink. Only green works ok. White is not as bright as the good one

And worst thing is not beeing able to update firmware to .70. Mine is still on .35

Seems a hardware issue, please contact your retailer for a replacement.

I agree, my favorite color on the light strip used to be red. Now it’s an ugly orange/red. Hopefully this gets fixed.

Is it possible to install an older version of the firmware to get back the deep red color?

I have this version of the light strip:

The red changed to orange with a firmware update.

I’d be interested in seeing if a firmware downgrade resolves the colour issue too.

I noticed the same thing here!

V2 1.4.2_0035
V1 1.4.2_0070

V2’s red is a light orange, while the v1 has a beautiful deep red.

As for the other colors, they seem richer on the V2. Including its uv-ish blue.

Please fix the red.

have the same problem here.
Can we have an update on this topic ? Is this hardware related or can this be fixed with a software improvement ?