Daylight 6500k favorite changes to Flow mode - UI Bug?

Hi ,

I have a V2 Color bulb and want to be able to set it to temp 6500k , ie Daylight white. However when I save it as a favorite, it saves not as colour Temp 6500k but instead as Flow Mode , wonder if it is some UI bug because the flow tab is near by?



The only workaround is to try and move the white market to as close as possible to the top right but not quite , so far i have managed to get to 6357! Is there anyway to manually set a Color Bulb to have 6500k as the short cut options are only colors and not temps.


Actually, it’s hard to move white market to set 6500, but it can be done when you move quickly to right top corner.

We provider other option to set 6500k, please see the below picture.