Cannot re-link Yeelight Colour Bulb to Google Home

Hi, I need help pls with a similar issue. I unlinked Yeelight (Colour LED Bulb) from Google Home because i had added Actions/Scenes which needed updating.

But I couldn’t relink yeelight to Google home after that. After re-adding device, the message shows “account is now linked” but Yeelight devices refuse to show up on Google Home.

My ID is 1677793201. Singapore server.

I’ve already tried factory reset for my bulbs. Still cannot re-link to Google Home.

Anyone? There’s obviously a bug.

Thanks, but this problem about not being able to re-link is not done in any browser. It’s done within Google Home app, as shown in my screenshots above.

And as for this; too late. As stated, already unlinked. Cannot link now.

Try clean GoogleHome app data and browser data, i fixed on Android mobile by this solution.