Bypass request limit when LAN mode is activated


I’m using many COLOR1 & 2 lightbulb with Node-RED / Hassio.

All is working without any issue but when I send many request to the bulb (could be simple ON / OFF request or color change, brightness change) the bulbe became unresponsive for less than a minute and then became online again.

I believe this is a feature to avoid flooding Yeelight servers with too many request and this is a good things but is there any way to bypass this feature / behavior when the lightbulb is used in “LAN mode” ? this is became a problem for me when I was trying to mage some automation in my home.

For instance, with Homebridge, I can control the brightness of the bulb, the user have a slider on the iPhone “Home” app to just the brightness. But the slider sent a lot of request to the bulb and it just self lock each time a user is setting the brightness.


This is a quote from their docs:

“Currently WiFi smart device support up to 4 simultaneous TCP connections, any further
connect attempt will be rejected. For each connection, there is a command message quota,
that is 60 commands per minute. There is also a total quota for all the LAN commands: 144
commands per minute (4 × 60 × 60%)”

So your software is not implementing the brightness slider correctly - they must use “music mode”:

Usage: This method is used to start or stop music mode on a device. Under music
mode, no property will be reported and no message quota is checked”