Yeelight app without Mi Home and server choice

Hi everyone, I have two questions to ask you:

  1. Control my Yeelight Bulb Color Led via the Yeelight app, while the Mi Home app is almost never used. Does the Yeelight app work properly even without Mi Home installed?
  2. As a server I set up Mainland China. I noticed that now it is also possible to set the German for us Europeans, which are pros and cons? Are there any limitations by setting this server?
  1. Yes. You don’t need MiHome if you don’t have Xiaomi Gateway.
  2. In China almost everything works, but it is slower. In EU (Germany) it is faster, but some things don’t work :slight_smile: (i.e. some models of Xiaomi/Yeelight lights etc). Best to give it a try what works for you.

Every time I change the server I have to reset the device true?

Can’t say, never changed the server :slight_smile:

That is correct.

Can anyone tell me if IFTTT services work on the European server?

I can confirm.

You need reset device and reconnect again if you want to change server.

Currently, only Mainland China server doesn’t support IFTTT.

Now I use the Yeelight and IFTTT app with the China Mainland server, but I would like to try out the European server hoping that the bulb is faster to execute the commands.
So why do you say that only the China Mainland server does not work? I believe the opposite.