AGAIN! Yeelight bulb desappeared from Yeelight app

I’m so bored. Yeelight bulb doesn’t connect with Google Home and with Yeelight app too.Today worse than yesterday.
Every week a problem, often in nighttime, that"s mean exactly when I need light.
Time and money wasted, I really think trash it and buy Philips or Ikea bulbs. (i got other inexpensive bulbs, by unknown China producer, they works all well with Google Home, they haven’t scenery but at least on/off is assured)

i had issues w google home yesterday afternoon but been working fine since then

You’re so lucky! I’m still using “old fashion” wall switch :rage:

Please keep your bulb powered.

  1. Show me a screen capture of the device list in Yeelight app

  2. Then try with Mi Home, make sure you use same account and select same server as that in Yeelight app. Check if your bulb was shown in Mi Home.

  3. Pleas also PM me your xiaomi id, I will check it from server-side.

Yesterday I wasn’t home. This morning, without I made anything, the bulb reappeared in Yeelight app and I reconnected it to Google Home. Now all seems work well. So I think that was an issue of your server.