Not all Yeelight device can be discovered by Google Home thru Mi Home app

First of all, I have the following devices from Yeelight and I’m on China Mainland server.
Yeelight LED ceiling light (450mm) x 1pc
Yeelight ceiling light (320mm) x 2pcs
Yeelight lightstrip plus x 1pc

I can have them all discovered by both Yeelight app and Mi home app. However, in Google Home, only 2pcs ceiling light (320mm) can be discovered. I cannot get the 450mm ceiling light and lightstrip discovered in Google Home. I have tried disconnect and connect of Mi home account multiple times and “sync my devices” method already but the result is the same.

Mi ID: 353920448

Please help. Thanks!

Mihome skill is not in control by Yeelight, please try with Yeelight.