Bulbs taking 11 seconds to respond on Google Home


Hi, I’m having the same problem, the bulbs take 7-10 seconds to turn on / off. I’m connected to the singapore server. Is there any way to solve it?
My Id is 1892532837


Update 2:

The problems are back again. Most of the times the bulbs are not recognized by the Google Home app. When they do, there is a 20+ seconds delay.


Same problem for weeks now. Really annoying, hopefully you can fix it soon
id: 1859330643



I created a test skill (Yeelight Test), do you want join us test group ? if you want, please tell me you GoogleHome account, i’ll invite you.




I Will. My Google is roysgg@gmail.com


Well done, invited you.

Please login this address, you can find “Yeelight test”, click it , then enable simulator, you can find test skill on GoogleHome app.



Thank you. I Will as soon as I get home.


I might be interested, altough I don’t know what the test group is, and what will happen next.

Please let me know the details so I can decide.


This is a test skill, deploy on a new server, need to verify that there is a problem with slowness.


@yusure I am having the same problem. Google home takes 10+ seconds to respond, while the Yeelight app is instant.
Singapore Server
MI ID: 1896235408


Hi Jon,

Do you want enjoy “Yeelight Test” ?


I’m having the same delay issue, around 6 seconds via Google Home. I have a different brand lightstrip in the same room, it turns off/on instantly via the same method.

Please include me in the Yeelight Test project.

ID: 1886694580
Server: USA


Hi, please show me your Google account


Will it change anything for me? Like how the bulbs will respond, and how do they react?


Please include me in the Yeelight Test project.
My accaunt is Amatadorbaena@gmail.com


Same issue here, Yeelight app responds instantly, while google home command takes around 8s. Please, invite me to Yeelight Test project as well.

Mi ID: 1889237577
Google: vferak@gmail.com




Hello… I have some feedback of the Test Group.

Using the Test group on Chrome: Takes the same ammount of time than the original server (USA for me), that is 4 to 6 seconds to respond. Thats is with only 1 bulb. If I ask to turn all the lights on/off (6), takes from 10 up to 13 seconds to respond.

Using Home Mini speaker: Takes 4 to 7 seconds to respond on 1 bulb. Takes from 11 seconds up to Time out (“yeelight Test group” not available), to turn on/off all the (6) lights.

Hope this helps.



Now it seems like the Server for the test Group is down or not working. I can not unlink the group from my Home App


Damn that sucks… I was really hoping they made some changes.