Mi gateway cannot locally control Yeelight

I bought yeelight 2nd gen from Amazon US. I integrated it with mi gateway.
The issue is the gateway can only control yeelight through the server. Cannot control locally. But gateway can control 1st gen yeelight locally.

@dingyichen any updates please?


You must have connected your Gen2 bulb to a different network that your gateway and Gen1 have connected.

Please double check.

@coasterli I checked Mi Home app. all the lights and gateway shows connected to same wifi name.

@coasterli I think I found what the issue is.
Have you tested in a meshed WIFI network?
I’m using 3 Google Wifi routers, One is main router rest of them are mesh routers(similar to bridge). Mi home will consider yeelight and gateway is not under same network if gateway is connect to router A but yeelight is connected to router B.
I believe this is a bug while the app is detecting if they are under the same network or not.

@coasterli @dingyichen any updates please?

@coasterli can you take a look at this please? This is a big problem for me since control lights from the cloud will cause big latency because I have to use mainland server.

@dingyichen any updates please? Are we fixing the issue or not?