Create scene > nothing listed in “recommend”

Hi, I just registered because I am having some major problem. I tried to create a new scene for the first time, & when I clicked the finished button after doing all the process, it showed an error message & then I lost my yeelight link with Google home & there is Nothing in the scenes/recommended menu!. My Mi account is 1734112867. I am using US server. I also tried to fix it by resetting the bulb, but result is the same Please If any of the staff could help that would be great!!

Thanks for your feedback, we will take a look.

Update: Could you have a try again, the issue has been fixed.

Yaa it is working now finally. Thank you so much. And can you tell me what to do for activating the recommended scene by voice command (Google Home)? Thank you.

1、Setup a recommended scene.
2、Add a new scene for the lamp with scene you created in step 1. (There’re Scene/Room/Device in main page of Yeelight, you can add a new scene from here.)
3、Say to GH “Sync my devices”, GH will find a scene you created in Step 2.