Availability of E14 Smart RGB Led bulbs

Hello all,

I am relatively new to Yeelight. I bought several RGB Smart Led bulbs (version II) and just love them.

Since I want to replace EVRY bulb used at my home with Yeelight RGB Smart Led bulbs, I was kind of frustrated when I noticed there were NO E14 types available.

@Yeelight, is there any chance Yeelight will design and manufacture E14 type of Smart RGB Led bulb too?

Best regards,
The Netherlands

I don’t know about Smart RGB, but when they announce the “Aurora” I asked about a E14 version and they said it will be the next product on the family.

One time I also read somewhere here in the forum that the E14 lamp will not be Wifi, but Bluetooth. I really hope that is not true, and they change their mind.