Yeelight RGB colours are off with Homekit/HomeBridge

Hi there,

Ever since updating to 1.4.2_0066 all of my v1 RGB lights have been playing weird with HomeKit/Homebridge.

The colours are ever slightly off compared to using the Yeelight iOS app, all the whites are more green/blue and the light itself doesn’t seem to be at full brightness with HomeKit. Also when you set the lights to pure white they have a greenish hue to it, and warmer tones look extremely orange. Looking into the bulb, it looks like the white LEDs are not activating/not going full brightness and is only a mix of coloured LEDs trying to make white.

Others have also experienced this issue:

I don’t believe it is the problem with the plugin as all the lights worked fine prior to updating, but they have all been updated to the latest versions. Currently using homebridge-yeelight-wifi to control the lights but also tested with homebridge-yeelight and also has the same issues.

My lightstrip also still works perfectly fine, it’s just the bulbs that got updated are affected.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

I have the same problem using the Yeelight app or direct telnet commands since the penultimate firmware update (1.4.2_0069) for the v1 bulb. Lost a lot of brightness for lighter RGB colours and there are those colour “patches” visible under the bulb’s “skin” that was homogeneous before the bad firmware update.