Updates reset my app every time

Every time I install an update for the Yeelight app, it resets itself and makes me reset my light bulb, add it again, setup my scenes, schedules and everything. This needs to be fixed, it causes a lot of inconvenience.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused. What do you mean it resets itself? All device gone? Or all device offline?

Have you tried logout and re-login when you encountered that issue?

Let me describe it a bit clearer.

So, I do own a Yeelight light bulb, and have it setup to turn on by schedule. It works fine and everything. Then, a week ago or something, there was an update to Yeelight app on the Play Market, which I installed.

After that, I went to my Yeelight app to see if something’s changed, or maybe new firmware was available, but when I opened the app it greeted me with the “First TIme Setup” thing - it was no longer logged into my account, the bulb wasn’t in there, so I was forced to reset my bulb (with 5 times on/off thing), and configure the app from scratch.

I’m afraid of installing the new update that came out just yesterday because I don’t really want this to happen again. While it’s not that hard to reconfigure everything in the app, it’s still a hassle and I’d like to avoid it.

If that is important, my phone is BlackBerry KEYone and it’s running Android Oreo 8.1.0.

OK, I see.

First of all, Yeelight app might logout after certain period of time for security concern, but it’s definitely abnormal if you need to re-login every time you update the app. Even though you were logout, your bulb was still connected to the cloud, you don’t need to reinstall it after you re-login. So, please make sure you select same server when you login again.

If you have not update the latest version in Play market, please try it again and we will try to figure it out.

Don’t reset your bulb this time if you found your bulb was gone after you re-login. Just let me know.

Alright, I’ve installed the update, and it didn’t wipe anything, like previous update did. I’ve also tried logging out and then logging back in, and the bulb was still there. It looks like it was a bug in two previous updates that was fixed in this one, or just something really stupid and stars aligned in very weird manner.

Anyways, thank you for your support, as I promised on Play Market - gonna update my review with a new rating, And sorry for pointless ranting :smiley:

Thanks for your update. If you got any question, feel free to let us know.