Help with connection timeout.


I can successfully connect my lightstrip untill I get to the actual connecting to router, it goes all the way to 100 then says “connection timedout” how can you help?


I didn’t get your point. Do you mean you can get it connected with mobile hotspot?


No, everytime I try to connect it to my router it just say connection timedout. I constantly try to reset it and I even checked of it shows up on my wifi list


I had the same problem. It was a fault of my Phone (Huawei p20 pro). Try to connect it from different device


I have already tried it with 2 devices, I can try it one more with another.


I tried connecting it with another device, it didn’t work. Help?


Please refer to and provider more information:


I have tried that, I have tried the Gmail, and many other things, none have worked.


Have you tried mobile hotspot?