The white light dims

Hi, request for help. I have a first generation bulb. Firmware 1.4.2_0066. After switching on the white light / brightness of 95%, after some time the light dims. This is not a big difference, but noticeable. Is there any solution?

Have been noticing this as well. After this happens I can’t get it back to it’s full brightness unless I leave it turned off for a few minutes. Also on firmware 1.4.2_0066, first gen Color Bulb.

Does it mean that the bulb is damaged?

Did you install that bulb behind some kind of lamp shade? It seems the bulb was overheat.

From the beginning it is in this lamp. She was never in a closed glass.

What’s the environment temperature over there?

~22 C°

Just like @skrishan said, if it could recover after you turn it off for a few minutes, that must be overheat issue.

This is very strange for me. I use it normally, just like other Yeelight lights and only the bulb has overheated?

The other lights have much bigger inside-space than bulb, it will be easier for heat transfer.

Well, I have to accept it. I would like to send an expert opinion, but the cost of shipping would be greater than the price of the bulb. In spite of everything, I think that it is unlikely to overheat it, and even if this situation occurs, the firmware should disconnect the light bulb.