Yeelight ceiling light remote switch reprogramme

Hi, not sure if this was asked previously, can the Yeelight ceiling light remote switch be reprogrammed to control other groups of bulbs? Currently the only way I can control my Yeelights is via voice control. Am also trying to link the yeelights to Hue Bridge so I can use the Hue Dimmer Switch. Would be great if there is a remote control that can turn on/off, dim, change colour of the Xiaomi/yeelight smart bulbs. Appreciate the assistance!

I am afraid not, remote is paired with ceiling light via bluetooth. But there’s no bluetooth module in bulbs.

Thank you for the quick response. What a pity that it doesn’t support the rest of the Yeelight setup. I think that the Yeelight brand has gotten most of the things right but the sore thumb sticking out is the lack of remote control support.

Any chance Yeelight is developing a wifi-remote control that is able to control the bulbs, Lightstrips, downlights etc.?

I don’t think the WiFi remote is plausible. WiFi consumes way too much power. Maybe a zigbee remote?

Agree! Way too much!

Zigbee, like Philips Hue Dimmer? I thought the Yeelights are not compatible with Zigbee standard :frowning:

They are if you use Xiaomi Gateway (Hub)