Wifi connection not working

I am trying to connect to my lightstrip on the app but whenever I try to connect it either says, “you have disconnected from connection” about 30% through or, “check connection and try again” at 99%. I have tried 2 different wifi networks and my hotspot. I worked for a hour before going to bed mad and confused, if you could please reply as soon as possible that would be amazing. Thank you

PS: I live in the US.

The same problem here, yeelight app on android 6
.I’m in Italy

@AdamDennxxx @Tiztiz

Please provide the lamp model and router model. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

White Bulb II, the router is the newest Fastgate by Fastweb, my provider

Have you tried with mobile phone hotspot?

They are giving the same questions everywhere! There are so many problems with the bulb colour wifi connection. They do not know the solution! They keeping giving standard advice that does not work!