Aurora Lightstrip

Today I’ve got my Aurora Lightstrip (plus 2 extension).
It’s really nice, brighter than the old one but I’ve noticed a problem:
There’s no white form in the app when you enter in the Aurora

While in the old Lightstrip there is

Also if you go in the Aurora lightship and open your avourites color, it shows you all previous recorded color except the white ones.
Why’s that?

Lastly, I did my math wrong back there and I’ve just discovered that I need one more extension. On indiegogo you’re forced to buy 2 extension (for like 40$). Where can I get only one extension?

Thank you for answering.

There will be a firmware update to support white with servers except Germany.

You can buy it from Gearbest.

Why not German? Is exactly the Server I’m in…

Yes I’ve grabbed one on Gb.
Thk u

We remove white color to pass ERP certification in Europe, so we can’t support white in Germany server.

I see…
How the old stripes can keep the white even on German server?
Thank u

If You have some other Yeelight products. Try to create a group of lights and try to use some favorite white setting on the whole group. You can save it as a scene later. You can also save this white color as a default state for aurora strip. This is how i made it.


Thank you for the suggestion, but it didn’t work, all the other lights in the group followed the white, but the Aurora strip didn’t

I did it and it works. 2 RGB bulbs and Led strip in one Group. Change to White for the whole Group and Led follows. And now i can Save it as default state, Save a scene etc

Yep it worked :slight_smile:
Thank u