Yeelight LED Bulb doesn't change color to white via Google Home


i used my Yeelights now for 1 year with Google Home without problems with german servers.

Now I changed to the China servers ~ 1 week ago, because I wanted to use light switches.

Now the problem is that if I want to change the color of the LED Bulb to white via Google Home, Google Home confirms the change, but the color doesn’t change.

The curious thing: RGB Bulb with firmware 1.4.2_0069 doesn’t work.

RGB Bulb 2 with firmware 1.4.2_0030 works.

Any ideas? Is this a firmware problem?

Please leave your xiaomi account, I will add you into whitelist, so you can update to latest version.

New firmware 1.4.2-0070 will fix that issue. Stay tuned.

Xiaomi ID: 4560882

Thanks for this information.


Suppose you could get the firmware update now. Let us know.

No new update yet.

Which server did you select?

As I wrote in my start post, the China Server.

Sorry, I thought you were on German server. That firmware only available on German server right now, it’s still under review on China server.

The previous version 1.4.2-0069, which introduced this issue, only published on German server, so, we just put it online emergently on German server to fix it.

So I have to go back to German servers, do the update, and then go back to China servers?

Or you can wait, suppose you can get update on China server next week.

Okay, with the firmware 1.4.2_0070 the problem is solved.

Many thanks for the help!

P.S: Am I on the whitelist for China server now, or is that no longer necessary?

Just checked, you are not in the white list of Color bulb. As you have already updated to 1.4.2_0070, it’s not necessary.

If it’s not necessary for future updates, okay.