Yeelight V2 not showing in Mi Home app


I’ve successfully installed two Yeelight Colour bulbs (V2) on Singapore server in Yeelight app. But no matter how many times I try, it doesn’t appear in my Mi Home app.

This is important because I’m trying to share the smart light devices to other family members via Mi Home app, so that they can log in and control using their own Mi accounts.

Same Mi account is logged on to both Mi Home and Yeelight apps. In fact, the bulbs were set up successfully when Yeelight app referred setup process to Mi Home.

During set up, bulb device loads on Mi Home till 100%, then hangs. After that, it does not appear on Mi Home “My Devices” - but appears on Yeelight app.

YEELIGHT APP (successful)

MI HOME APP (device does not appear)

This product doesn’t support Mi Home app on Singapore server.

You can also use Yeelight app to share this device to your family members. Just swipe from right to left on the device card, you will get the Device Sharing option.

I also have the same problem, but using the yeelight app as final solution is not woth so much to me as I want to be able to use my sensors and motion detectors to turn lights on and off in the Mi Home app.

The strange thing is that using Google assistant it finds the yeelight led and I can turn on and off, but it’s not visible in the mi home app and not possible to find or add. Tried resetting maybe 10 times already.

Mi Home won’t support those products unless they were available in Xiaomi marketing channel in certain region. So, I am afraid Yeelight app is the only option right now.

Im in Macau, china, use the china server, and also have this problem, the Mi home app can add the color led bulb, but i can’t find it in the app, only shows up in the yeelight app

@coasterli do you have any updates, i bought Xiaomi Mijia sensors believing i can automate the lights, but i am limited only to the yeelight app…
Also another big issue is that if i connect google home to both yeelight and mi home, google will double the number of devices when doing voice confirmation, so they are there …
Also mi home shows that i have 8 devices but i can see only 3, the mi lamp, vacuum and camera and this i just silly to limit this.

This is very disappointing and I’ll have to return my set, since all my devices are in the Singapore server but not properly integrated, effectively preventing me from using home automation.

Also, the lamps are showing doubled in the Google home app, making a mess out of the smart home control. Google thinks there are two of each, since it’s pulling data from the Yeelight app and the Mi home app.

I don’t see Phillips and others manufacturers pulling this kind of nonsense.

Still waiting for an answer, mi / yeelight officials !!!