Google Home says "I can't control your devices"

Hello Guys ,

I have colored Bulbs, White Bulb and a LED ruban . I am on a European server .

My account Google home says " I’ve encountered an Isssue , I can’t control your devices" when I want to power up or Power down my Yeelight bulb . Sometimes action succeed , sometimes no…
My daughter or wife account works fine …

Google says “it might be a Yeelight issue …” but i really doubt of this .

Already tried to reset my Google Home, already re sync my bulb , already unlink my account Yeelight and Google … Never found a way to reset my Google Home account only , not the Hardware only …

Somebody could help me please , it drive me crazy !!! Regards .

@yusure please help take a look at the issue.


Please show me your Xiaomi ID.

Hello Yusure , my Xiaomi ID is 1583100566.


I found your 5 devices on Singapore server, if it doesn’t work, please delete it on Yeelight App, then sync devices by GoogleHome.


5 sévices ? It is the same sévices i have on yeelight… I have mi home whith mi purifier on eu server actually…

Yes it works !!!
Actions : on mi home i have delete the devices, on google home i heve launch the command Google sync my yeelight devices… And it works fine ! Thank you.

Excuse me. Im having trouble to link my yeelight to google home. I have tried to reset my yeelight but it still cant linked to google home. Here is my yeelight id screencapture, please help me. Thank you

Hi, i found your control logs, it works ?

Hi I cannot control my YEELIGHT using Google home, I am using India server
please help


Sorry, India server not supported yet, I’ll get it fixed as soon as I can.

Released, please have a try, thanks !