[WE WANT TO HEAR YOUR OPINION] Yeelight wall switch and presets

Hi, I’d like to buy the Yeelight YLXD01YL but I have a doubt. Some time ago I bought a Xiaomi ceiling lamp with the functionality that, when the wall switch (traditional, not smart) is switched off and on in less than 3 seconds, the lamp cycle between a maximum of 3 modes (i.d. warm, TV or birght modes).
This is a great functionality because I don’t need to mount a smart switch and let me change quickly the lamp’s brightness without the use of the smartphone.
Is it possible to do the same with che Yeelight YLXD01YL?


There’s remote with Yeelight Ceiling light, you can control the lamp with remote instead of smartphone.

There’s no plan to add the function in Yeelight Ceiling light.

it’s very uncomfortable and it’s too big. It is a great pity that you do not want to implement this function because it is very convenient. Are there any Smart switches that can be connected directly to the lamp in Bluetooth? I need something to attach to the wall and the supplied remote control can not be

This function is IMHO something totaly unnecessary and unpractical. Just get a gateway and aqara switch.

That’s a very good question. Actually we are considering add this function in future product, but we have different voice inside. Just as @dalanik’s opinion, it’s kind of unpractical.

So, we want to hear more suggestions from our customers.


  • It’s awesome, I want this feature.
  • Kind of unpractical, I don’t want it.

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Is the opposite of unpractical. Imagine you want to cycle always 3 presets: why spend money for gateway and switches or spend time to open the app? Imagine you wake up in the night to go to bath and the last used preset was the brightest and you want instead the warmest and darkest…

I think that the public penetration of this lamp can be greater by inserting this feature. Many people do not want to spend too much money and maybe do not need to have a gateway just for a lamp. However, from personal experience I can only say that the Xiaomi Philips ceiling light that has this feature is extremely comfortable

you’re talking about new product… do you mean that this is not applicable to existent products via software or firmware update?

C’mon, it is smart bulb… if you want to turn it of with switch, just use standard bulb with intensity regulator… and Gateway is only $25…

I don’t agree. I want the possibility to use the ceiling light both as a Smart lamp and as a middle ground, according to my needs. the choice of one must not preclude the other. Commercially speaking the most appealing device is the one that leaves you open more ways… and it is also what allows you to find more flexible solutions. In fact, the Xiaomi ceiling light is also very popular for this reason

Basically i would wish for the Yeelight branded wall switches like what Aqara is offering, without the need of a hub (either Mijia or Aqara) or their apps. Having them connected directly via zigbee and integrated with the Yeelight ceiling lamps and LED bulbs directly would have been perfect.

Using a 3rd party switch would have been conflicting because your Alexa/Home/Mijia has to know which one to control (the switch, or the lamp?) since they are both intelligent in its own way and powered up separately (therefore the need for neutral in some houses for the safety measure). This is a confusing setup and not easy for new smart home starters.

The best and perfect solution in my wish list would be having universal switches (wired with/without neutral and wireless as a choice) with capabilities of:

  • Whatever the current remote control can offer,
  • Allows zigbee between switches and lamps/bulbs,
  • Allows feedback to lamps/bulbs when controlled using switches (shares same on/off control and status)
  • Allows update on switches on/off status when lamps/bulbs are controlled via app or Alexa/Home (basically same concept as a response on the above point)

I would raise both hands and feet to support this, being a proud buyer of many Yeelight ceiling lamps, bulbs and aurora light strips, while I can see that Yeelight is growing with more products. This would actually be a great necessity not to be missed!

What you want is a smart-switch with display, it would be more expensive than the lamp itself. I am not sure if this is the right time for that kind of product.

But, for sure, we will provide some kind of smart wall switch in the future.

How about a normal smart switch just like Aqara’s with feedback capability that is Yeelight’s own, should not be much more expensive than Aqara’s I believe. A wall switch could be all about on/off that shares the same circuit (3 or 4 way - the app, the remote, the switch itself, and probably a wireless switch for bedside switch).

It would make so much logical and business sense, especially for enthusiast like who rewired entire home (over a renovation) to prepare for smart home and bought so many Aqara switches and a Mijia hub. The commercial part of it should have belonged to Yeelight, hope I made sense? :slight_smile:

That would be impractical, believe me. You need a central “hub”… in your case scenario, nothing would work from the cloud, since the switches couldn’t communicate with the cloud and if they could it would be redundant to have like 5 switches instead of 1 gateway. Also would raise the cost of the switch. Also, blubs don’t support zigbee, only bluetooth.

I would love to see a Wi-Fi or ZigBee (Xiaomi Gateway) enabled switch that has a rotatable dial (that can be pushed down) so users can change the brightness and or colours on the fly instead of settling for presets. Maybe a similar style to the bedside lamp controls.

Now that is a good idea!