JIAOYUE 450 LED Ceiling Light works erratically

I have a YLXD01YL that works fine so I decided to buy a new JIAOYUE 450 LED Ceiling Light. I did the installation and software version update without any problem but some days after it began to work erratically when I turn it on with the wall switch. Sometimes it turns on, sometimes not, but may turn on waiting several minutes or may not at all.
So it makes the lamp unusable. When it works, I am can use app to manage it correctly. I have tried reseting with no result. Sw version is 1.5.9_0040. Mi account 350154832
Should I claim for warranty to the seller?
Please, help.

Please make sure you have enable “Auto on upon power resumption” option in page of “Default State”. And how about turn on again with wall switch when the lamp doesn’t turn on.