High pitch noise Ceiling light

Hi Yeelight. I’bought the Ceiling light 320 and it’s in my bedroom. I can hear silent high pitch sound when it is off from my bed. Also different sound when it is on with low intensity. Since it’s in my bedroom it’s quite annoying. Is it defect or characteristics? Do 450 or 480 have this problem too? I might wanna exchange it :frowning:

Do you have an adjustable light switch or just an on\off switch?

What do u mean? I am using enclosed bluetooth remote control. The light is always under power. My wall switch is standard on off, what has it common to high pitch sound of the light itself? I know that the lamp is under power because conected to wifi even when off, but I want to know if others have this sound too.

I have the noise too, don’t know how to fix. See Can’t connect to YILAI YIXD05YI 480 ceiling light via app

I am following as I also have a ceiling light and it has a high pitched noise when you dim the brightness.

I am afraid we cant fix it. I am not electician but feel it is condenser. Maybe they use some cheap one which emmits sound under power.

Just installed my Yeelight ceiling lights for today. When i use Moonlight, movie-night, Night-mode, A high-pitched sound will appear, You can hear it, in the entire apartment, so it is impossible to use those settings. I live in Denmark 230v~50Hz

I have this problem only when Yeelight wired dimmer switc is connected.

HI, I’ve faced the same issue. When I’m using Movie Night or Moon mode it will start to make a noise!!

Anyone can fix this yet??

Thank You