Automation scenes - sunrise not in mi home


Somehow most automation scenes are missing now in mi home for yeelight 650 lamp. I bought this lamp to bedroom to get the sunrise scene Every morning and now it is not working.
I can set the scene in yeelight app but it is not always turning on, and what is most important after 15 minutes of sunrise it turns off. So its dark in the room again :confused:

Hi, which server do you select?

I am on china server and can now only choose those two in mi home.

What’s the language you have selected? Could you try again with Yeelight app?

I am using polish language. For all other yeelight products i have all the scenes. In the yeelight app all scenes are availible but the automation doesnt work good in yeelight app and sunrise scene shuts the light off after 15 minutes. So the sunrise go black, So it doesnt do the trick

I have changed language to English and scenes are back again but Still Dont work. See the video

IT is Also not possible to choose 650 celling lamp in your Applet it iftt

Please show me the schedule you have created. Thanks!

In yeelight app i created schedule that sunrise scene should turn od at 6:45 and turn off at 7:50 when i leave home. But after 15 minutes of sunrise the celling lamp 650 turns off insead of stayin on till the end of schedule. In mi home i csnt set it at all as You can see

The configuration about this scene is wrong and we have fixed it, please check and contact me if it still has something wrong, thanks!

The scene is working now in yeelight app. Still cant set it in mi home app (same issue like on the movie).

It would be really nice guys if You could upgrade this mode for celling lamp, So it can use Also ambilight and Still light UP gently after switching from moon to Main light (now it is Just turning to max brightness after 15 minutes).

In addition i would like to thank You a lot for all the support Here on the forum. Great Jobs guys. We users together with your support can really make yeelight the Best Smart light product on the market. Thanks one more Time

Appreciate your feedback and recognition.


Some of the scene has not been translated to Polish, so you can’t get it in Mihome app. Could you help to translate those Scene names? Just couple words.

Ofcourse i can translate no problem. But now i have Switched to English and i can See all scenes, but cant set it. See the movie i dk it step but step but when choose sunrise it Goes back to the “then” step.

Also update about yeelight app schedule. In the morning it does not start. Again today sunrise did not Wake me UP. Problably if my Phone Goes to Deep sleep for the night then it does not start schedule in the morning. Mi home automation that is in Cloud was always working, that why i why using it over yeelight app schedule

We are working on the fix for this issue.

Schedule is also in Cloud. So, you mean it works with mihome automation, but not work with Yeelight schedule, right?

Yes it was working Before on mi home app. Now i can not create automation in mi home app. I can create in yeelight but sometimes it work sometimes no. Please send me Text to translate on

So i test schedule on the lamp more today. If i set the lamp to turn on in few minutes then it Will. If the setting is for next morning it wont. Another strange issue is the state in which the lamp turns.

  1. If You switch it off when it is on moon lamp then the sunrise will start from low brightness.
  2. But if You will turn off the lamp on Main Sun light then the schedule will turn it in Sun mode so very bright. See the photo

Waaay to bright for the start of sunrise

So there is a lot to work with sunrise scene Here and schedule. Please try to make it better. In my opinion it should Also use ambilight. The ambilight should start in Orange and then skowly the Main light on.

Already pm you.

Yeelight sunrise scene is working fine now. Still something wrong in in mi home

Sunrise scene in yeelight app is broken again. It Just turns on the lamp at full power in the morning.

Still nothing changed in automation in mi home app. It is not even posible to set it