Yeelight bulb color, alexa and mihome


Hi everyone, I have a trouble. I bought amazon alexa, and I would to controll my Yeelight bulb II (color) both by vocal instructions (alexa) and by my several wireless switch buttons that are connected to mihome. The problem is the following: if I set in yeelight app Mainland china server (the same selected in mihome app) i can view and control every my devices both by yeelight app and by mihome, but yeelight alexa skill doesn’t work with them (in particular yeelight bulb). If I set in yeelight app other server (like german, singapore…), after yeelight bulb added to yeelight app, I’m able to recognize and control yellight bulb by alexa vocal instructuions, by yeelight app, but I lost the possibility to use bulb in mihome app and so i can’t control simultaneously bulb both by vocal and by wirelss switch buttons (or mihome app). To solve issue I could switch server in mihome app from mainland china to other server but in this way I couldn’t add anymore my wireless switch buttons that aren’t available in other server (neither Singapore). Does anyone have any ideas to solve my problem? Thanks to everybody


We are working on this and please stay tuned.


On which way? will it be possible to add every xiaomi smart item on each server? in particular on Singapore server? Thanks for your reply


Yeelight Skill support all of our Yeelight lights. The other xiaomi smart item you can contact xiaomi customer service. We are still working on supporting mainland of China server and splease stay tuned.


ok Thanks, if yeelight skill will support also mainland china server, my problem will be solved. thanks a lot. is there any beta yeelight skill on this way to prove?


Same problem here, I follow discussions for updates :wink:


I have the same problem as these users, my RGB bulb II does not work for me with echo spot, nor with any app alexa, but with yeelight and mihome.a solution?


Any news about this problem? (mainland China with Alexa)


until yesterday I used beta testing skill and everything went alright altough I were on Mainland China server. today beta testing has been closed and I have same problems that I have before using beta testing skill


So that’s a good news?
Just need to wait for a final version of this skill


@Devs : Any news about a future update, to have Yeelight operationnal with Alexa ? (mainland China on Mi Home)

The problem still there since few months, and no answer / news



Seriously, you’re specialists of communication…