Switching off/on Ceiling ambilight 650 through IFTTT

Hi, I love my yeelights and waiting for aurora strips too but I have one request to be fine tuned. If one set Turn off the Ceiling light 650 (with ambilight) in IFTTT Yeelight, only main light turns off. The ambilight stays on. Shortly said IFTTT cant control the ambilight. Please implement this option otherwise I cant turn off the whole light. Thanks

Thanks for your feedback. Please check the Ambilight Settings page in Device Settings, you can switch on “Auto on/off with main light” function to implement your requirement. Any concern please just let me know.

Thanks, I think this is partial solution. Eg I normally dont want light up with ambient light when switch on :slight_smile: so this will turn ambient light always on too. Anyway at least solution for my sleep button where I trigger “All lights off”.

Also another related thing. For Google Assistant it is the same problem, I cant separately operate the main light and ambilight. Maybe u can split this lamp in two separate lights that both appear in IFTTT and Google Assistant. I dont like the way of attaching ambilight to main light. Any ideas? Thanks.

Haha sorry being annoying but my another suggestion in this topic is when merging multiple color lights (I have in my living room two led strips, color bulb and 650 ceiling light). But it is not possible to include 650 Ceiling light Led strip in to the group and use the colors. Just wanting to use all potential of my yeelights :wink: thanks