scene activation by time

It is very strange. Light bulbs work well. Management is quite responsive in time. But one of the two bulbs does not include a scene in time. And then one, then the other. This happens with the Chinese server and with the Russian (I am in Russia). The test scene, which I run in time a few minutes ahead, is triggered. And the inclusion of the scene on time at 9 am - or one light will work - or the other. But two do not work together. I do not understand this problem.

Which application do you use? Please provider you xiaomi account.

I am using the Yeelight app. My account - 1739857909

How did you schedule the scene with two bulbs at 9 am?

One light bulb I made a schedule for switching on the light bulb in the morning with one scene, another light bulb with another scene. Usually only one light comes on.

I use two different scenes for two lamps that turn on in the morning at a certain time. The scenes turn on the light very slowly and change their shades over the course of half an hour. It creates the colors of dawn for me. But usually one lamp of two is turned on. Today, not one included. I do not understand.

hi ı havr the same problem. My schedules are working if I set it 5 min later however if I set them 6 hours later it is not opening the light. when ı open the app it opens the lights. It seems like it is not updating the status. Please help ı cant use schedule mode. I bought this product for schedule and ı cant use it …

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today the lights turned on in time in the morning, but did not turn on in time at 21 o’clock in the evening.

I have two alarms. I’ve been testing for several days. One alarm goes off, the other doesn’t. It works morning, evening, at 21 o’clock in the evening does not work.

Please PM me your xiaomi id, as well as the detail operation about those two alarms you have attached. We will look into it. Thanks!

My account - 1739857909. Yesterday I switched the time. Today, only one of the two light bulbs worked again.

here are my two settings. one works, the other does not.

We will look into it.


My story continues. (Enable by time)Yesterday both lights worked both in the morning and in the evening. Both worked this morning. In the evening, only one worked. The inclusion of time is unstable.

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