The Bluetooth gateway function is present in this product?

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Can you please confirm me if this product Yeelight Smart Square LED Ceiling Light is coming with the function Bluetooth gateway, if not can you please also let me know if it’s possible or its expected to be available in the future over a firmware update ?

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It has Bluetooth gateway inside.

Hello @dingyichen

OK tahnk you for you fast reply.

But I cant verify this fucntion on the menu of this device

can you please let me know where is now the menu of this function on this device ?

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It is not in device. You go Profile->BLE Gateway

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OK thank you @dalanik but the others ceiling lights appears in the menu BLE as you can see on the image atatch …and also this one doesn’t me appear on this menu over the profile as the others BLE gateways …


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Thanks for your feedback, we will take a look at the issue.

Hi, I just confirm that this product doesn’t support Bluetooth gateway yet, and we are working on adding this function. Please stay tuned.

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OK @dingyichen thank you for your support and best regards

It is almost a year now, when can I expect a firmware update to both add the Bluetooth Gateway and Mi Band 3/4 support?