YLDD04YL White Color


Hello, why is not the white color on the new Lightstrip?


For ERP certification in Europe, we will add it back in servers exception Germany server.


Is there a colour that resemble white (warm white)? I have all my light on germany server as it’s the fastest for me and it’s a bummer if I can’t have the white colour on this server.


When do you expect this to happen? I live in europe and will buy the light strip in coming days. Will I be able to choose other server than Germany and hence be able to use white when you enable it? Also, I will use light strip with home assitant, will I still be able to use white color when you enable it?


Yes, you can use white if you choose other server. Sure you can use with home assistant.


Thank you. What is the timetable for adding white light to lightstrip plus (thats the new model right?).


Just add strip to a Group with a bulb. Set Group light to White and Save a scene, set defsult state in strip, add to favorites. Then you Can easy switch White in light strip


I dont have a yeelight bulb and probably wont get one either so thats why I want to know when white will be added.