Daylight saving?!

In the UK the clocks changed for daylight saving last week, and now my light timers are all an hour out.

For example… I had them set to come on in the bedroom at 7am, and they now come on at 6am!


Is there any way to change this without having to delete timers and redo them?

I’ve got 6 bulbs, so don’t want to do them all manually!

Thanks for your suggestion. Cause the timers are saved in cloud, it will not be changed as daylight. In this case, if you open Schedule in Yeelight, it will also display timers in 6am.

The Chinese are a lot smarter than the Europeans as they do not use daylight saving, among other reasons.
Unfortunately, Yeelight is not so smart. This is not the only problem with scheduling.
Fortunately, we may see the arrival of some common sense from the EU and hopefully the UK will follow suit after Brexit.

If this happens then there should be only one more change of clocks to deal with next year.

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