Yeelight v2 white colors not working with alexa

Hi, I’ve had a yeelight v2 color for about 2 months now and it used to work fine with Alexa. But recently it is giving me an issue where when I try to change the shade of the white it just won’t do it. It allows me to change the color just not the shade of white for some reason not sure why. I try restarting it and everything any help would be appreciated thanks.

Do you mean you can’t change color temperature with Alexa? Which firmware of the bulb do you have?

I have the same issue, and it started happening since I updated to the last firmware 1.4.2_0033, before it didn’t happen. I basically can’t set the light to white or any of its gradations with Alexa, if the light is white and I ask her to change to any color she does it, but not the vice versa, from a colored light I cannot ask her to change it to white anymore. It does it even from Alexa app, it says that “this mode doesn’t support the choosen color”.
Please fix it soon, it’s very annoying!

Correct I cannot change the white color temperature. I am on firmware 1.4.2_0033.

@ser.piatti @mrh0ckey

There’s a problem with version 33, will fix in next version. And version 33 is in whitelist, which server do you select? And you xiaomi account?