IFTTT - Wake up gently by using Yeelight sunrise

I am running 2 Yeelight LED Bulbs (color), 1 first generation and 1 seconds generation.

Up until a few days ago I was using the IFTTT function to trigger my light to come on in the morning and gradually get brighter over 15 minutes.

However, the applet no longer works, although on the IFTTT activity page I still receive a notification that the applet successfully triggered. I will also ask the question on the ITFFF forum but have suspicions that the bulbs stopped working when I updated to the latest firmware.

I have reset both bulbs, uninstalled the yeelight app, closed my IFTTT account and reopened and reconnected yeelight in the process. I have done all the typical actions you would do when something randomly stops working like this.

Any help would be massively appreciated.

Look at "Sunrise" doesn't work with IFTT/alexa alarm anymore please.