Yeelight 650 - turn on just the ambient light with alexa


is it possible to turn on just the ambient light with alexa?
Becaus in my alexa app i only have one entry for the 650 lamp, so i can only say “turn on the light” and the main light turns on but i cannot say “turn on the ambient light”…

I also tried to get this done with a scene but in the scene i can also just turn on the main light but not the ambient light…
Would be nice if that would be possible because i have also a mija desk lamp and xiaomi led stripes so i could turn on all ambient lights with one command.

Best regards from Austria :slight_smile:

It doesn’t support the command with alexa, alexa will take it as a light named “ambient light”.

Currently, we don’t support scene with control ambient light, will consider add it soon.


Thanks a lot for this information! that would be great :slight_smile:

I used some Sonoff products, for example a light switch with 2 buttons. Alexa found 2 seperate switches.
Maybe it’s possible to update the alexa skill so it can find 2 lamps? the main light and the ambient light?

Or scences if it works with scenes too.

These are two ideas how the problem could be solved and it would be really nice.

Another Question:
Can i turn off just the main light (not the ambient light) with the remote control? or do i have to turn off the whole lamp with the off button and turn on the ambient light with press and hold the on button?

You can have a try with long press button in the remote.

Mmh, thats not correct. It is possible to turn on only the ambilight with alexa.

For example your standard skill is:

Alexa, turn on Bedroom (this skill turn on the normal light)

than use this for ambiligh only:

Alexa, Bedroom red (blue, yellow, purple…what ever)

In my case, it works great…



yeah thats working but i just want to say
“Alexa turn on the ambient light” then the ambient light with the last config should turn on…

now i have to say
“Alexa turn the Light to blue”

it works but if it’s allowed to give constructive feedback… i think it would be more intuitive :slight_smile:

Why with Google i can’t do this? You think that will be implemented soon?

That would be great, since I can control my other yeelight GU10s to red and then have to pull our my phone to change colour on candela . Its frustrating