Bed light

Is there a way to plug it in to a sensor motion detector, for example, the ledstrip plus under my bed? When I go out of my bed, the LEDstrip will go on?

Yes, but apart from the motion detector (~12$) you need Xiaomi Aqara Gateway (~25$)

Thanks for your reply. Could you give me a link for both so I can buy it which fits the Yeelight Plus.

Just search for Xiaomi Gateway on AliExpress. I don’t know where you prefer to buy.

i.e. Gateway (with EU/US etc plug) here:

and for sensor search “xiaomi human body sensor”


And then you can conenct it with the Yeelight Plus somehow? Via the app?

You connect it via MiHome app to the gateway, both sensor and LED stripe… and make rules.

Alright! The rules are standard or do I need to code my own rule?

They’re pretty simple, you just click it in.

i.e. 2 rules for on / off - turns on on motion, turns off when there hasn’t been motion in 2 minutes:

and what to do:

only from 15:00 to midnight.

Alright! Thanks for the info!