"Sunrise" doesn't work with IFTT/alexa alarm anymore

Hi all,
to realize an alexa based light alarm with the yeelight sunrise scene, I created an applet on IFTTT, (Applet version ID 87948208) starting the scene with “alexa alarm going off”. As a result, the sunrise scene starts with alexa alarm, so we have a perfect, alexa-supported light alarm :sunglasses:

This worked fine for me for more than a year. Since a couple of days, the combination doesn’t work anymore, so I did some tests find out the reason with the following results:

  • the IFTTT applet still works fine with most of the scenes offered on any server (e.g. green, movie or others selected in combination with US, China, Singapore and Europe server), except the sunrise scene that runs with none of the servers.
  • the sunrise scene cant’t even be startet by any other IFTTT-applets (e.g., “alexa, trigger sunrise” -> no reaction)
  • the problem occurs with the bulbs as well as the light strips
  • the sunrise scene works fine if you start it with the yeelight app

Conclusion: There seems to be a special IFTTT-problem with the sunrise scene offered by all local servers.

I would really appreciate if you could fix the problem asap.

Thank you for your issue report.
Base your report information,we found the bug and fixed it.
Please try to rebuild your applet or edit it and select the scene again.

Just checked it and it works fine with the FFM server. You added several scenes, too.

Great job, guys :+1: