Yeelight YLDP02YL firmware problem - 1.4.2_0069


I upgraded the firmware to 1.4.2_0069 version, and if I power off the lamp and then turn it back on after 1 - 2 minutes, it will turn off and on automatically 5 times and then reset to the factory settings. If I add the lamp in the Yeelight app again, it will connect and work, but this problem was not in the previous firmware.
My MI ID: 1838534945

Thanks for helping!


The question is: How to downgrade firmware to 1.4.2_0061 version?


It seems the bulb is reset by switch on/off 5 times, please check if the socket has a good power connection.

How about now?


I passed it to another lamp socket, and there is the same problem, but if I don’t connect to it, it will not happen.


The lamp will reset by itself if you connect it to cloud?


It only resets itself, if I connected to the lamp with Yeelight app.