Can't set color (v2) bulb to shades of white via Alexa


I recently bought a Color (v2) bulb and connected it to my account. In the Yeelight App, I can pick white colors from the “Sun” tab, and colorful choices from the “Color” tab. However, using Alexa, I can ask for colors (set [name] to red) but not shades of white (set [name] to warm white). When I ask for a white color, I get a response “that only works when your light is set to a shade of white”.

If it matters, I’m connected to Singapore, Amazon US, and my bulb is running firmware 1.4.2_0033

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I have the same problem. 4 Color lamps controlled with Alexa and no one can change the color to one of the white tones - also firmware 1.4.2._0033.

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we are working on the fix, sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks, looking forward. I just got my first 4 yeelights two days ago, and looking forward to making full use of them.

Any luck on that fix.

Any news on this?
28 days now and no white control!

Please provider information below:
1、Device you have.
2、Server you select.
3、Firmware version of your lamp.

Hi dingyichen.
Since yesterday a firmware update (1.4.2_0070) has arrived for the YLDP02YL bulbs. This has fixed the problem.
Thank you!

Ah … I spoke too soon!
The YLDP02YL bulbs that received the firmware update work fine. The light strip (YLDD01YL) does NOT work with “white” commands. It does, however. work correctly when used as part of a group that includes one or more of the yeelight bulbs!
So “alexa make light strip white” returns “that only works when your light is set to a shade of white”(where “light strip” is a YLDD01YL).
BUT “alexa make corner light white” works ("corner light is YLDP02YL), and “alexa make side lights white” works (“side lights” is a group of 1 x YLDP02YL and 1 x YLDD01YL.
Does the YLDD01YL require a firmware update similar to that made available to the YLDP02YLs 2 days ago?

I am using the German server.

  1. YLDD01YL
  2. German
  3. 1.4.2_0049

Please provider your xiaomi account, I will add you into firmware whitelist so you can update firmware to fix the issue.

Thank you.


Please provide the Firmware Update for the Lightstrips as well.

I have 2 Lightstrips which still have this problem, one old and one new. Don’t exact build and could not find it in App…

Firmware: 1.4.2_0049 both
Server: German
Xiaomi Acc: 1580004295
App Version: 3.1.76

Still not working.
“That only works when your light is set to a shade of white”.