Can't connect my Yeelight Bulbs to Alexa

Hi guys,

just got my Echo Plus, and a few Yeelight Bulbs (1st and 2nd gen, white and RGB).

I can pair and control the bulbs no problem with the Yeelight or the Mi Home app (iOS, iPhone 8S Plus), but when I try to connect them to Alexa / to the Alexa App. It will always tell me that there are no new devices. I enabled the Yeelight skill, and linked my Mi Account successfully. I tried different servers in the Xiaomi Apps (Singapore, USA, Germany), but to no avail.

Anyone have any ideas on how to solve this?

Thanks a lot in advance

please provide your xiaomi ID.

I have the same problem:

MI ID: 1667339439

I’m in SIngapur Server, IFTTT works fine, but when i try to connect with Alexa App says detection error.

Could you help me?

EDIT: OK, if i say to alexa app “discover device” works fine but if i try to do manually dose’t work!


Same issue here… I have set the yeelight on Mi home on Singapore server and they are recognized on Yeelight app. Alexa is not able to discover them… ID 1705120632.
Thank you @weiwei