Yeelight 320, can only use one control device at a time

I installed the yeelight ceilling 320.
I can eiter use the wall switch to turn on/off
OR the remote
OR the phone app.
If i connect the light to the phone, and turn the light off from the wall switch, when i turn the wall switch back on, it wont turn on. Only after i turn the wall switch on AND turn the light on from the phone app. Also, if the phone app is connected, the remote wont work and needs to be paired after every time i since the light with the phone. Im using the yeelight app.
Please help

don’t know this light, for for other ceiling and two types of bulbs i have, it’s possible to setup in yeelight app, whether it should be turned on after AC is restored and to what scene. It’s also possible to set it to remember last state.