No favorite colors available in automatization MI Home App


I know there were issues within the recommended and favorite tabs. But if my research is correct the issue is solved here in forum.

I try to explain my Issue:

I got 5 Stripes and 2 Bedside Lamps. Everything is setup correct in Yeelight App as in MI Home App. Anything works fine so far within the automatization.

At this time no favorites are shown up which I can choose, I try everything but nothing works … I think its an sync error but not sure. So my first question is … sorry its really stupid … but I think the error is me :slight_smile:

can someone explain me how I setup a favoritelight scene and get this into the automatization so I can say for example in MI Home … If Wall Switch pressed -> then -> turn on scene XXX

I use yeelight and MI for more then one year and would say ham an expert :smiley: but this drives me crazy. In MI Home a Group Group exists within this same in yeelight app.

so tried to save in yeelightapp too but this even don’t work. delete everything and add new results in the same issue.

@yeestuff or DEV
is it possible to clean up my complete Yeelight and MI Account on all servers ?

Mi Hub
5 LED Stripes
2 Bedside Lamps
MI Home App (latest)
Yeelight App (latest BETA)
Clients in the same network

thanks so much