Yeelight JIAOYUE YLXD05YL 480 LED Ceiling Light BLE option unavailable

Hello Team

I just need to confirm one thing about this LED Ceiling Light Yeelight JIAOYUE YLXD05YL 480 LED Ceiling Light model STARRY LAMPSHADE when I received this device for a more then a month ago.
I tested and I installed without any indication from the Mi home app that this device have a BLE gateway inside.
I performed several tests during a long period of time without this device appear on the list of the BLE devices on the Mi Home app …And today when I perform the firmware update, I notice that this feature are now available…
Was this functionality unavailable until now? Or was active now due to a firmware update? Or is this some error on my LED Ceiling Light?

Can you please help me understand this situation?

Please also see the following image

Once again thank you for your support and best regards

Hi I see that you run a Xiaomi news site. Have you thought about translating your posts for English fans? You can still keep Portuguese.

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Also the firmware has been out for some time already. It seems you were sent a unit without the newest firmware preinstalled, this shouldn’t affect anything.

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Xiaomi released the ‘bluetooth gateway’ feature months ago.

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First of all thank you for your fast reply @ronikrana

Yes I manage a Facebook page about news/reviews/tests/information/tricks related to xiaomi eco system products like yeelight/aqara/mijia and also about other video surveilance and home automations brands sonoff escam etc… for now in Portuguese language but in the future it’s a possibility also to transmit the post in English also :slight_smile: thank you for your feedback :ok_hand:

Regarding the ceiling light BLE feature, yes I also think about the weird that this situation is …but ok.
Just for my information do you know a release date of the firmware with the BLE feature for this device? more or less it’s not a concrete date needed

Thank you for your help !! and best regards

It released for some time, it should be at beginning this year.

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OK thank you for your reply @dingyichen

Do you have any idea why I’m receiving only now?

Thank you for your support and best regards

Which server do you select? The feature is also related to mihome version.

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Once again thank you for your reply @dingyichen

The server is mainland china and the mi home app version is 5.4.14

And in the Yeelight app is 3.1.73 and the same server mainland china

Normally I install the update from the Mi Home app

Thank you for your support