Alexa not recognising my latest gen yeelight bulb

Hi I have tried multiple times enabling yeelight account skill in alexa but the yeelight V2 bulb white doesn’t show up which I have set up as kitchen light

Mi id is 436033640

Pls help

Which server are you using?

Hi, I have this issue too and I’m on the China server. Is this a known issue?
The 1st gen ones worked fine but v2 are not after upgrading to them.

@weiwei Mainland China server . Earlier had this with Google too but it got sorted out

alexa doesn’t support China server now, unless you have been added to beta tester list.

Thanks for the reply. Interesting, I’m not a beta tester but my v1 Yeelights work, however, v2 are not found.
How can I join as a beta tester? Thanks.

Really? Are you sure your V1 bulb is also connected to China server?

Yes, I’m sure as in the Yeelight app, the server is set to “Mainland China” and all my bulbs are listed there - v1 and v2 bulbs.
However, Alexa can only find v1 Yeelights.

As with other users, all my devices are on the China server as I am also using the Mi Home app.
Would it be possible to add me to the beta so that all my bulbs work? Thanks.

But along lights are in China server and they are working fine

@weiwei all my other lights and strips are in China server as well and they work well

If possible pls add me to beta list

Hi, have similar problem here. my mi bedside lamp (wifi version) and yeelight strip plus are connected to china server. Alexa is able to discover my bedside lamp but not the yeelightstrip plus. is it possible to add me to the beta tester? my id is 1866782913

@weiwei anything ?
Pls add me to beta too.

Same here all my v1 bulbs light strips bedside lamp as well as desk lamp are working fine on China server and Alexa detects it except for V2 of the bulb

any update?

Yeelight skill does not support China server now. We are working hard to fix this problem. please stay tuned.