Yeelight + Xiaomi gateway: which server?

Hello all,

Where are we regarding Yeelight and Xiaomi gateway compatibility?

Do we still have to use Mainland China in order to use Mi Home automation with Yeelight ?

I have been waiting patiently for more than a year with all my Yeelight devices on Singapore server and all my Xiaomi devices on China server and I regret not being able to use them together and do automation.
I didn’t want to migrate and redo all my setup to China and I thought the support for Xiaomi devices on Singapore server was coming soon. But it never came.

There was a promising thread about adding the gateway to the Singapore server but it didn’t seem stable enough.

What is the best solution today?
Is it 100% reliable to move all my devices to the China server?
What will I miss on China server beside voice control?
Is there any announcement concerning Singapore server or European server?

Thank you,
A slightly annoyed Xiaomi believer…

I am 100% on China and everything works. Sometimes it is a bit slower, but it works, and all devices work. Even Google Assistent works (Yeelight), for Yeelights and (MiHome) for AirPurifier… from what I’ve read, only problems on China would be with the Roborock Vacum.

Great input, thank you.

Can you define slow?
For instance, I plan to turn on the lights automatically whenever the xiaomi body sensor detects a presence. I hope I won’t have to wait in the dark too long :wink:

What did you read about the vacuum? I have the v1 on China and I didn’t notice any problem.

Also, since you are using Mi Home, do you know if you have to do your automations using China timezone or with the timezone set on the device?

All the sensors works fine with no delay for me, delays only accours when I turn the on lights with google home

I have no delay with sensors or switches, only when I use Yeelight app.

The timezone seems EU (+2) but in some items there is +1 hour, as if it doesn’t know about summer/witnter time. I.e. if I set rule in MiHome to do something from 3pm to 12pm, it works from 4pm to 1am… should be solved next year when EU(SSR) bans switching to summer time :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

following your advice, I moved only 1 bulb to China server.
The lamp turns on quickly when the IR sensor detects movement, so I’m pretty happy with the behavior.

The +1 hour delay is a pain though… I need to do more testing in order to find if I need to add or subtract one hour.

At some point my scene didn’t trigger anymore, so I had to remove it and recreate it. I wonder if it is because I added a 30 min delay in the scene. I think the scene was ignored for 30 minutes… I’ll try again.

Is there any news about all devices being supported on EU server ? Is it never going to happen ?

I’d be happy if all devices are supported on CHINA server! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: The one thing that prevents me from buying Roborock vacum and Aqara Camera… :slight_smile:

What’s wrong with roborock ? I have the V1 on China server and no problem for me.

I have read that the international version doesn’t work on chinese server.

I have a little different problem described here: I can connect the bulbs to EU server, but I can’t connect them to Mainland China server! At the same time I have the latest Xiaomi gateway that I can connect to Mainland China server only. So, the bulbs and the gateway can’t work together :sob: